5 Things You Did Not Understand About ‘Feel It’ Crossovers Portugal. The Man

Eight records in, Portugal. The Man are finally getting their kicks from the mainstream.  

The psych-pop group that is five-piece has scaled the alternative charts for more than a decade, but is now getting a taste of crossover success with Feel It the second single off their latest effort Woodstock. The playful funk earworm attained a new high of No. 7 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart this week, using 469,000 downloads offered to date, according to Nielsen Music.  

USA TODAY catches up to learn more about the breakout group.  

Portugal, after releasing record Evil Friends in 2013. The guy spent nearly four decades writing tons of songs and working with manufacturers such as Danger Mouse and the Beastie Boys’ Mike D. “I had the line ‘I’m a rebel just for kicks’ for a while,” Gourley states. “I tried it with a ton of different … songs, but it just never felt right.”  

He stumbled on Feel It Still in the studio one day when noodling around on the bass, enjoying the Marvelettes’ 1961 Motown hit Please Mr. Postman. “This was a placeholder melody which I threw at it and the second I did, it just felt so natural and right,” Gourley says.

2. Breaking Bad’s Jesse Pinkman is a fan.