‘Good Ol’ Freda’: ‘ Stories From The Beatles’ Secretary

Just one may know the band members in Addition to their Mothers and Wives, though Girls have come in contact with the Beatles:

Their secretary.

Last night I saw a magical documentary called Great Ol’ Freda, that profiles Freda Kelly, the former secretary of the Fab Four. When Kelly began, she had been a fan who’d sneak away to see that the group at the tiny Cavern Club of Liverpool. And while employees came and went as the men became superstars, Freda stayed with them until their breakup.

Kelly is notable not only for her job but because of her classy and candy demeanor. This film marks the first time she’s given interviews, and a telll-all book has never been written by her or done anything to capitalize off the connection.

The film contains tons of rare photographs and showcases some of Kelly’s trendy souvenir (yes, she still owns a lock of George Harrison’s hair). Made with the Beatles’ support, it also has songs.

There was A trailer just Published, and it can be seen by you on under or Apple.com:

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Kelly is so classy she won’t discuss whether she aged John, Paul Ringo. A fan that is true, she does enjoy talking about the music and the experiences most of us would give anything to call our own.

Good Friday Freda will display at a few film festivals (at Birmingham, Kansas City, Mo.( and elsewhere) before opening nationally Sept. 6. For a complete list of screenings, head to www.goodolfreda.com.