Liam Gallagher Rediscovers An Oasis In Audio With Solo Debut ‘As You Were’

There’s a village in England which residence is called by Liam Gallagher. Like everybody else there who isn’t a one-time lead singer for Oasis and/or receiver of Q magazine’s benediction as the Greatest Rock Band Frontman of Time, he occasionally putters around town on errands, now and then bumping into one particular neighbor whom he has a great deal in common.

Ray Davies is a figure in pop music history. They draw from a similar flow, every conjuring the noise of mid-1960s English rock ‘n’ roll, although Davies was there as a member of The Kinks. Each includes a brother whom he’s feuded, Noel Gallagher and Dave Davies, respectively, to the point of brawling onstage as lovers watched in delight and horror.

“We’ll say hello,” Gallagher recounts. “Ray will state, ‘Are you talking with your brother yet? ’ I’ll go, ‘No. Are you talking to yours? ’ He’ll say, ‘No. ’ Afterward I’ll say ‘See you later. ’ That’s we actually say to one another. ”

As You Were nothing more must be said, particularly now that Gallagher, 45, has stepped out with his debut solo record, out now. Even the Lennonesque edginess in Wall of Glass, the guitar chords and chords in Bold that remember throughout the Universe, the tambourine beat and waltz period of You’ve Got to Hide Your Love Away resurrected for After I’m In Need,   even the name of this track You Better Run  and the lyric that quotations “happiness is a warm gun” — all these components owe a debt to The Beatles that Gallagher freely acknowledges.