Massive John Lennon Painting Pays Tribute

A Guinness World Record holder is currently marking a 2,500 square foot painting of John Lennon on the International Day of Peace.

Eric Waugh, who made a Guinness World Record in 2001 for creating the “world’s largest painting on canvas with a single artist,” established  his Lennon tribute, Imagine Again, in Austin, Texas.

Waugh used 10 gallons of Valspar Optimus paint provided by Ace Hardware to produce the piece, which is a tribute to Lennon’s dream for “a world without strife, war” or conflict, according to a statement.

The painting will be on display in Central Park for the International Day of Peace, as per a post on Waugh’s Facebook.

The International Day of Peace is celebrated each year on Sept. 21. The United Nations first recognized the day in 1981 and has continued to encourage individuals to admit it with events within their communities that promote calmness.

On networking that is social, #InternationalDayOfPeace was globally and trending at the United States.

Waugh stated in a Facebook article he hopes his painting will allow folks to “Imagine Again.”

“More Peace, much more Love, more Kindness,” he explained.