Editor Mentions Ringo Starr Tune In Defense Of Senate Candidate Roy Moore

A Breitbart editor tried to shield the sexual misconduct allegations against Alabama Republican Roy Moore by referencing a Ringo Starr song.

“You understand, in 1973, Ringo Starr hit No. 1 on the billboard charts with the song ‘You’re Sixteen, You’re Beautiful and You’re Mine,'” Breitbart’s Joel Pollak stated on CNN. “Plus it was a remake of a previous tune. He had been 30-something about a 16-year-old, singing at the moment. You wish to remove Ringo Starr’s achievement?”

CNN’s Chris Cuomo looked incredulous at the remark of Pollak.

“You can’t be serious,” he told Pollak. “You think that Ringo Starr’s tune is likely to be a nod towards letting 30-year-old men to prey on teenagers? You don’t think that, Joel. You’re a parent. You don’t even think that.”

Moore, who’s currently running for Senate,  faces multiple allegations he sexually harassed and assaulted teenage women while he was in his 30s.

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Fifty Years Ago, The Beatles Came Into My Town And Made History

And there they were.

The Fab Four.

The Mop Tops. The most famous rock band there ever was.

And they were at the park behind my college.

It was early February of 1967, and rumors swirled around our school in Sevenoaks, a city about 25 miles north of London. Some black Mini Coopers had been seen by some boys with darkened windows heading into Knole Park, the site of one of Britain’s most magnificent stately homes. And those Minis have been said to include the Beatles.

It was lunchtime, so we walked to the park entrance, which conducted down through the school grounds into the playground. And came upon the outdoor film set where the group was making a promo film for their happy-go-lucky published Penny Lane /  Strawberry Fields Forever single and upcoming Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band album, which premiered in the United States 50 years ago Friday.

You may have seen the footage. There’s a section where the quartet ride horses, three of them white and one brown, through a stone archway. There is a part where an old piano is surrounded by them and pour paint it over. And there’s a scene where Ringo Starr, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and John Lennon are currently sitting in an set dining table being served other items and dolls from liveried footmen. The four get up in the table and John and Paul overturn it.


On the desk was an empty Champagne bottle that among my schoolmates caught as a souvenir. He later got George, John and Paul to sign the label. Ringo didn’t make the cut.

After a time, our lunch break was over. “Hadn’t we better go?” Boys began asking one another. It was that — and therefore miss the experience of our young lives — or remain, and risk the wrath.

I opted to stay. After all, in front of us was The Greatest Band There Ever Was. In the height of their popularity. And there was no security. So when they were filming, assistants herded us out of their way, but during breaks we could proceed here and there, hanging out with the bemused group members.

During the intervals, they largely went back to relax near their cars. John, George and Ringo had the Minis, while Paul needed a Humber Super Snipe, among the fancy cars of their day. John kept to himself, so I went over to where George and Ringo were hanging out. “Can I look in the vehicle?” I inquired. “Sure,” one of them said. And so I and another couple of boys peeked inside. “You can get in if you prefer,” said George or Ringo. So we did.

And George decided he would take us to get a spin on one of the forces in the park. There it was — we had ridden in a Beatles automobile, although it was only a little circle.

I asked George for his signature, which he wrote in my school notebook. Like my schoolmate, for some reason, I didn’t get Ringo’s.

It was the Beatles had been at the park a few days before, remaining pesky, pimply pupils. They had taken in some of the attractions at the scenic town, including a visit to an antique shop and afternoon tea at one, where John bought a circus poster. And it was from this poster that a number of the words of the tune Being for the Benefit of Mr. Kite! , a song on Sgt. Pepper, were shot.

The filming reasoned as well as the group got in their cars. I rushed up since Paul was pushed away and he signed an autograph . Like each the group, he was friendly and smiling.

And therefore we trudged back to college. The following morning the boys who had skipped classes were advised to report for his or her teachers. Our punishment? Six “solaces” of 250 words each, where we had to replicate prose or poetry.

And instead of laboriously replicate, I wrote down lyrics.

They were Bob Dylan songs. I was not much of a Beatles fan.

And these autographs? A couple of decades after, my sister needed a laptop. And one was found by her, with just a few words inside. I had put it aside instead of have the ribbons sit beneath my schoolwork.

Wanting to start with clean pages, she erased them.


Mike Love Releases Tribute

Beach Boys co-founder Mike Love has released Pisces Brothers, a tribute to The Beatles’ George Harrison, who’d have turned.

Its name a reference to this sign the 2 musicians shared, Pisces Brothers, was composed three years after Harrison’s passing, but remained unreleased until today. Love’s 1968 visit inspired the tune to India, when he joined the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi and actress Mia Farrow, Donovan and the Beatles together. Enjoy continues to practice.

“This being the 50th anniversary of The Beatles coming to America, I wanted to commemorate this unbelievably significant trip we all took together to India, at the Maharishi’s invitation,” Love explains in a statement. “It was hugely influential on all of us, most especially George. The tune is sentimental for me, and supposed to honor George Harrison contribution. And in this one moment in time, we got together, as the song states, not luck or for fame, but also for enlightenment.”

Love was honored with the Society of Singers’ Ella Award Thursday during an event at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Los Angeles, Acting the Beach Boys’ hit California Girls with David Lee Roth, who covered the song.

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    Prince Abandoned ‘hundreds’ Of Songs

    Prince heritage is well-cemented, as a result of genre-defying albums such as Controversy and Purple Rain. But fans can expect  music.

    The musician –  who had a net worth as high as $300 million, according to CelebrityNetWorth.com — was a copious founder who left behind a treasure trove of unreleased songs in the vault in his Paisley Park complicated west of Minneapolis.

    Prince’s backlog would likely surpass that of icons such as   Michael Jackson and Jimi Hendrix, Light says. “This is magnitude far beyond that, because he was a writer, instrumentalist, singer and producer,” he says. “If not it is in a final state, it’s in a more developed state.”

    When Prince was making 1986’s Parade album, a soundtrack to the movie  Under the Cherry Moon, the artist  asked composer/arranger Clare Fischer (who died in 2012) and his son Brent to compose orchestral arrangements for his songs. The working relationship that was mainly long-distance lasted for three years.

    “(Prince) would believe nothing of documenting a hundred songs to find the ten to match on his next album,” explained Brent Fischer, that quotes that the artist’s vault contains countless songs.   “That is huge. Like finding one Beatles album that is unknown, it’s nothing. There is literally enough material for dozens of albums.”

    Fischer recalls writing for what could become Prince’s Crystal Ball place, which he held onto for a decade prior to discharging it in 1998 treatments. “We never really knew if a song will be released or not. We  just never heard of them again,” Fisher says. “Other people who would hire us (such as D’Angelo and Questlove) would say, ‘I discovered this one,’ or ‘I discovered that one. It was incredible.’ He had been playing with them for his buddies who came to hang out together.”

    Ordinarily, Prince would “simply write new stuff (and) once in a while, he would grab something out of the vault and operate on it for an upcoming launch,” says   Ian Boxill, a recording and mixing engineer who worked on later   Prince releases, such as  2006’s 3121, 2007’s Planet Earth and 2009’s Lotusflow3r.   He supposes Prince’s vault holds over 500 songs.

    Talks started on an expanded re-issue of Prince’s catalog. “Then nothing occurred,” Light says. “His curiosity about  going back in his previous was quite limited. I could envision this being the 1 thing he had a succession planned for, or I could imagine that like everything else, it’s being cast to fate.”

    Paul McCartney Went Pirate For ‘Pirates Of The Caribbean’

    SPOILER ALERT: This report Includes spoilers about Paul McCartney’s appearance  in Pirates of the Caribbean.

    In the event that you don’t need to know particulars, bail now.

    LOS ANGELES — Paul McCartney takes his pirate lifestyle .

    But as supervisors Joachim Rønning and Espen Sandberg tell it,  McCartney, 74, nearly went overboard with the  Pirates look.

    After the duo met McCartney for his very first costume fitting in a bungalow at the Beverly Hills Hotel, the musician emerged in pirate clothing and makeup.

    “There he is. And he is unrecognizable. I got nervous, because nobody is going to see it in a manner. It felt like we’d gone too far,”  says Rønning. “It was still terrific. But he became too much a pirate. We had to tone it down a little bit and dig out his own capabilities. “

    McCartney kept the wide-brimmed hat and the dreads to the shoot in Vancouver.      

    And McCartney was enjoyed by the directors.

    “We were pleased with that, it was part of recognizing him,” states  Rønning.

    It was Depp’s idea to have McCartney drama Jack Sparrow’s uncle, also named Jack, who cheerily meets his nephew before Sparrow is to be put to death.

    McCartney suggested singing the Beatles song Maggie Mae for the scene.

    “It’s an old sailor Liverpool song. But it’s also a Beatles tune,” Rønning states. That song not just provided some Beatles magic in the movie, but also helped to point this out is Paul McCartney. Really.

    “And we still meet people that don’t see that he’s in the film,”  says   Rønning.

    “Even though he sings,” says Sandberg.

    George Harrison Memorial Tree Murdered, Yes, Beetles That Were Actual

    This information is read by us today. Oh boy.A pine tree, planted in Los Angeles in memory of Beatle George Harrison, has been consumed by …  beetles.The Los Angeles Times reports the tree, that was planted in 2004 near Griffith Observatory, was put there since Harrison dwelt in L.A. prior to his departure in 2001 and was an avid gardener.Bark beetles and ladybug beetles have decimated the once 10-foot-tall shrub. A new one will replace it shortly.

    NFL Rebuild Rankings: Which Groups Are In Best Shape For Future?

    With the NFL season over, each team can consider itself for now.

    The Philadelphia Eagles’ successful run to Super Bowl LII (after consecutive losing seasons) should serve as inspiration to organizations that found themselves home that January. Some have the ingredients to produce a similar surge following time, while playoff teams might be in for a fall.

    Here’s our look at all 32 teams, Rated from best to worst in their Prognosis for the Elongated future:

    1. Eagles: The underdog behave is over. Having a 25-year-old, MVP-caliber quarterback in Carson Wentz  about the repair, Philadelphia has a strong core eyeing to build off the franchise’s first Super Bowl title.   The Eagles have a tight salary-cap outlook in 2018 but confront minimal losses from a group with few flaws.

    2. Vikings: Yup, Minnesota has a Mall of America-sized hole at quarterback with Case Keenum, Teddy Bridgewater and Sam Bradford place to hit free agency. However, with lots of spending room and an enviable roster, the Vikings should be able to find a resolution. Maybe no other team is as great  at creating homegrown celebrities, since there’s outstanding talent at the skill positions and during the NFL’s top-ranked defense.

    3. Patriots: Tom vs. Time is a battle the NFL’s most up-to-date MVP plans on winning, even if his opponent is undefeated. As long as Brady shows no signs of slowing and mentor Bill Belichick stays at the helm — New England shouldn’t slip far. TE Rob Gronkowski’s non-committal remarks about his future will keep many on border until he shows his plans, and the defense also needs to be addressed after being repeatedly chopped at the Super Bowl.

    4. Falcons: They may be poised to pull away what Minnesota dropped short of by becoming the first group to play at the Super Bowl. OC Steve Sarkisian still must prove he could capitalize on his array of weapons, but the pieces are there. Don’t overlook what might be the next defense of the NFL and breakout star LB Deion Jones.

    5. Jaguars: Can  The Location for Jacksonville? A defense packed at each level and top-ranked run match headed by Leonard Fournette suggests the Jags are here to stay. But keeping Blake Bortles seems like a limitation.

    6. Rams:  There’s no better youthful troika than trainer of the year Sean McVay, 32, offensive player of the year Todd Gurley, 23, and defensive player of the year Aaron Donald, 26. Taking another step is dependent on QB Jared Goff’s development. Sacrifices and losses from free agency could send the shield in the wrong direction.

    7. Saints: After a group, New Orleans has given itself a rush of vitality with a sterling rookie course led by RB Alvin Kamara and CB Marshon Lattimore. Nevertheless this is Drew Brees’ show, and New Orleans should be given the assurance it needs to make another push by the quarterback’s anticipated return.  

    8. Steelers: Despite boasting a eight Bowlers, Pittsburgh has not done enough to close the gap. While shortcomings were shown by LB Ryan Shazier’s harm, chilly cans still run occasionally. Maintaining Le’Veon Bell is essential, though striking an arrangement may not be easy (or cheap).

    9. Packers:    Aaron Rodgers returned to a tone by imagining his comeback from a broken collarbone led to an MVP campaign, Following grumbling about the reduction of his quarterbacks coach. The Pack ought to have the ability to run with the elite elsewhere. Mike Pettine could be the boon in the staff shake-up for a self-defense protection, although Joe Philbin could help Rodgers and the offense get back to top form in his next stint in Green Bay.

    10. Cowboys: Is Dallas performed with drama for a while? Though the looming contract ordeal of Dez Bryant is ironed out, it’s apparent the more help is needed by Dak Prescott from his receiving corps. DE Demarcus Lawrence is a piece that deserves a hefty contract in free agency, but the shield is still reliant upon LB Sean Lee.

    11. Chargers: They demonstrated that they won’t settle for second banana in Los Angeles. Although the fourth-ranked offense remains in great hands with Philip Rivers and Melvin Gordon, Melvin Ingram and Joey Bosa represent the NFL’s best young pass-rushing duo. But it’s past time to fix the farcical kicking porous run defense and anxieties.

    12. Texans: The cap of the roster is sterling, as Deshaun Watson and J.J. Watt provide tantalizing possibilities since they mend from harms, whilst DE Jadeveon Clowney and WR DeAndre Hopkins also stand among the very best at their respective places. Yet 54 sacks were given up by the line, and the secondary was burnt for 30 touchdowns. With no pick in the first two rounds, Houston may have to await remedies.

    13. Seahawks: Ticking to a reset? It’s unclear exactly what form that may take. With CB Richard Sherman rehabbing a torn Achilles and Pete Carroll casting doubt on the futures of S Kam Chancellor and DE Cliff Avril — theories of DE Michael Bennett’s death have also been floated — that the vaunted defense seems like it could be in for a significant shift. Russell Wilson’s output (he had a hand in all but one of Seattle’s offensive touchdowns) was nothing short of heroic, but that formulation finally proved untenable.

    14. Chiefs: Let ‘er rip. Last year first rounder must have free rein of an offense, following Kansas City sent Alex Smith to Washington following a career year. His first season as a starter might be a slap of his Texas Tech days, since the defense is still in bad shape (though the yield of Eric Berry and acquisition of Kendall Fuller will boost the secondary).

    15. 49ers: San Francisco has an impressive setup after shutting the year on an NFL-best five-game win streak under Jimmy Garoppolo, who’s returning on a contract. The entire breakout might be a year off as Kyle Shanahan and John Lynch continue to reconstruct the roster. Expected to be among the groups the Niners could choose to create a major splash.

    16. Titans: Tennessee was the only playoff team to create a coaching change. Whether the Titans picked the substitute in Mike Vrabel, who had 1 year of planner experience remains unclear. Marcus Mariota regressed in 2017 but may use a playbook and help after he threw 15 interceptions and 13 touchdowns.

    17. Panthers: involving the anticipated sale of this franchise by Jerry Richardson and interim GM Marty Hurney being placed on paid leave amid allegations from his ex-wife, few nightclubs  face more uncertainty. And that’s to say nothing of the changes made on Ron Rivera’s staff, that will have two new coordinators, such as Norv Turner taking over the offense.  

    18. Broncos: John Elway is in the batter’s box, waiting to take his huge swing for a quarterback. Whatever movement he makes may not be a cure-all to get a group that failed an eight-game losing streak last season. However, Von Miller and the rest of the defense help position Denver to make a big leap if a competent passer is obtained.

    19. Raiders: The Silver & Black are not waiting for their Vegas move to put on a display. Jon Gruden’s return raises both the team’s profile and expectations.   Though many will focus on how he manages Derek Carr after last year’s battles, the defense also needs to be than the Khalil Mack sacred act.  

    20. Redskins after landing Alex Smith, Washington still does not know how to find a graceful end to the Kirk Cousins saga. Smith must settle in with coach Jay Gruden’s offense, though might experience the very same struggles Cousins failed in developing a rapport. Better luck on the injury front could provide a spark in 2018, but more consistency is required.

    21. Ravens:  Baltimore is headed for major changes After spending the majority of the previous five years in a Bowl stasis. GM Ozzie Newsome is currently entering his final year, also John Harbaugh was extended a movie mandate. For now, the story is still the same, as a formidable defense will be tasked with carrying his supporting cast that is second-rate and Joe Flacco.

    22. Lions: Leading Detroit is. But notching the franchise’s first postseason win since the 1991 year might be similarly vexing. While Matthew Stafford provides a wonderful base, Patricia will have to discover answers to get a pass rush and long-dormant run game.

    23. Cardinals: Larry Fitzgerald is the final link to the most successful run in Arizona’s history, and it’s still not obvious what his 2018 plans are. RB David Johnson’s return should re-balance the offense, while the sixth-ranked defense has cornerstones in bag king Chandler Jones and Patrick Peterson, who is now seven-for-seven on Pro Bowls in his career. Having a murky outlook at quarterback and along the line, however, Steve Wilks’ first year as head coach will be shaping up to be rocky.

    24. Bills:  Ending the NFL’s longest playoff drought reveals they’re in good hands with Sean McDermott. As Buffalo lacks building blocks but even returning to postseason in the future could prove challenging. Change at quarterback is likely afoot, and the offense needs to find weapons.

    25. Bears:  by pairing new coach Matt Nagy with Mitchell Trubisky following the quarterback’s uneven rookie campaign the Sean McVay plan is attempting. A triumph is constituted by retaining Vic Fangio as defensive coordinator, but the Bears’ reconstruct looks more like a climb instead of rocket-fueled ascension.

    26. Dolphins: Difficult to assess a team that bedeviled that the Patriots was about a 40-0 drumming in the Ravens’ company end. Miami’s authentic self likely lies somewhere between these polarities, though falling eight of the past ten was a trend that is discouraging. Ryan Tannehill’s return could keep them afloat, but it is tough to see how this group becomes much better given the absence of wiggle room.

    27. Buccaneers:  Jameis Winston and Dirk Koetter are entering a season after their venture showed indications of maxing out following a disappointing 5-11 effort. Help is needed by the pass rush, if the offense gets back on track, and also the secondary might experience substantial changes.

    28. Bengals: Status quo is given a divorce from Marvin Lewis appeared inevitable. The Bengals boast intriguing talent — CB William Jackson III, RB Joe Mixon and DE Carl Lawson are shaping up as starters — but advance will be hard to find until the offense line is piled out.

    29. Giants: Pat Shurmur’s measured approach looks ideal  for that which was a volatile locker space. Despite questions about Eli Manning’s durability and Odell Beckham’s contract, the G-Men possess the tools to rebound. But cap space will prevent them from spending away their problems.

    30. Colts: So … who wants this job following Josh McDaniels bailed?   If Andrew Luck heals, an roster could be again carried by the franchise quarterback. However, this is a team reversed from the pass rush to the two ends, as no crime gave up more sacks (56) and only 1 defense tallied fewer (25).

    31. Browns:  Using cap space expected to exceed $110 million and five selections from the first two weeks, including the No. 1 and 4 overall selections, it is time for new GM John Dorsey to capitalize on a stockpile of resources. There is some emerging talent on the roster, especially on defense. But   Hue Jackson has drained his explanations .

    32. Jets: This won’t be a fun situation to step right into, even for another quarterback. Perhaps no team is more bereft of ability, though last year’s rookies signify  a step in the right direction.   Smart drafting, which has not occurred consistently for a while, remains necessary for long-term construction, particularly given New York’s failed free service forays in recent decades.  


    Beatles’ Mono Vinyl Brings Fans Back To The Beginning

    Dancing round the bedroom or curled up on the sofa, Baby Boomers can remember the very first time they heard a record blaring from a popping, bypassing turntable.

    With its distorted but full-bodied sound, vinyl is the preferred system of many for digesting music and, as a part of a recent resurgence of the format, has led to a different vinyl collection that will leave any fan of The Beatles salivating: The Beatles in Mono, out Tuesday.

    Sold as individual records or as a 14-disc box set, The Beatles in Mono features remastered recordings of landmark albums like A Hard Day’s Night and Revolver — re-cut minus using any electronic technologies in Abbey Road Studios in London by engineer Sean Magee and mastering supervisor Steve Berkowitz. The limited-edition collection ($375) comprises the nine U.K. albums, the American-compiled Magical Mystery Tour album and also the triple-disc Mono Masters collection of non-album tracks.

    Each Beatles album until 1968 obtained a mono and stereo mix, but mono was the manner by which the recordings were “initially conceived,” says Berkowitz. “For those of us who grew up in the ’60s, we discovered this music in mono first” Unlike stereo records — with vocals and instruments recorded on different tracks in the studio and intended to be played speakers — mono records were recorded and played on transistor radios and turntables, where audio came from 1 area.

    Since mono was shuffled out in favor of stereo, The Beatles and producer George Martin began experimenting with levels of recording on Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band. The 1967 album was “not necessarily the replication of a live performance on a disc (such as mono), but the creation of the art was also happening in the record,” Berkowitz says.

    For the vinyl releases, Berkowitz was paired with Magee, who worked at Mono CD set made from digital remasters and released in 2009. The two listened in the ’60s to the master tapes and pressings of mono records, using the albums and transfer notes of engineers in an effort to recreate that noise.

    “It was a joy and an honour to work on those records and too daunting, because it is The Beatles — they are some of the greatest recordings in history and it is not to be dismissed,” Berkowitz says. “I expect we attained the goal of replicating the artists’ intention.”

    From the sound of it, they triumphed: In a 50th-anniversary year flooded with Beatlemania, the new box set (which contains a 108-page book of rare photographs and archive files) is the definitive way to hear that the iconic band, states Beatles historian Matt Hurwitz.

    “That is the sole (reissue) so far that really puts a fan back into a room with actual records, because they seem how kids would have discovered them,” Hurwitz says. And for those older fans who are to vinyl, “it’s a little due to nostalgia, to find out what is from another age. But particularly with a few of the documents such as these, (they) also get a sense of what it had been like to listen to a record how artists made them back then.”

    Seahawks Reach Agreement With RB Eddie Lacy On 1-year Deal

    RENTON, Wash. (AP) — The Seattle Seahawks are expecting Eddie Lacy could be prompted by a one-year contract to rediscover the form that made him the 2013 Offensive Rookie of the Year.

    The Seahawks and Lacy agreed to terms on a one-year deal supplying a body to get a run game that was once the best in football to Seattle but lagged last season after the retirement of Marshawn Lynch.

    “I love that we are bringing in a big, tough man that is going to send out a message the way that he plays the game,” Seattle coach Pete Carroll said in a interview with KIRO-AM, the Seahawks flagship station, on Tuesday.

    Lacy was the best offensive rookie four decades back when he rushed for 1,178 yards and 11 touchdowns. He also ran for more than 1,100 metres in 2014, but has since been slowed by injuries and lost favor with Packers coach Mike McCarthy occasionally.

    Last year, Lacy played in just five matches, sidelined by ankle problems, and ended with only 360 yards rushing and no touchdowns. Weight has also been a problem for Lacy, but Carroll said he would anticipate the running back to perform at the assortment of 240-250 lbs.

    “He is a huge man. There’s not anything wrong with this,” Carroll said. “There will be a real concerted effort to make sure he’s at his very best. This is a tough time for him because he is working some rehabilitation right now, but he is well aware of our expectations and the criteria which we’re setting.”

    Seattle’s running back situation was filled from the beginning of last year with instability. Thomas Rawls and C.J. Prosise were equally restricted by injuries. Christine Michael was cut midseason due to ineffectiveness, yet led the Seahawks in rushing during the regular season.

    Seattle brought before turning as its goal to Lacy.

    “He is an exciting man to add to the mix,” Carroll said. “Thomas brings us great energy and C.J. and Alex (Collins) add in, also, so that I think it makes a excellent position group for us. We’ll get a fantastic rotation here in order to help out everybody.”

    Lacy is Seattle’s second signing in free agency after agreeing to some yearlong deal with offensive lineman Luke Joeckel a week. Carroll stated Joeckel is progressing in his recovery from knee surgery that limited him to four matches, and the Seahawks see him as an option at either left tackle or abandoned guard.

    “He appears to be making a fantastic comeback,” Carroll explained.

    Seattle cornerback and special teams standout Neiko Thorpe. Thorpe was mostly used last season with Seattle, but may have an opportunity at more playing time at cornerback using DeShawn Shead not being tendered and becoming an unrestricted free agent after suffering a torn ACL in the playoffs.


    For more NFL policy: http://www.pro32.ap.org and http://www.twitter.com/AP_NFL

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    Exclusive: Wyclef Jean Samples Planet Jupiter In Uplifting New Song ‘Borrowed Time’

    For his latest single, Wyclef Jean looked into the stars.  

    “I had been interested to hear what was coming out of Jupiter,” says Jean, 47. “What I discovered was a collage of vibrations that seemed to me just like a piano. I heard low tones, mid-range, high tones — it almost sounded like a brand new patch of sonics which have never been shown yet to the general public.”

    The whirring sounds of this giant world can be observed throughout the track, which is taken from Jean’s first studio album in eight decades, Carnival III: The Fall and Rise of a Refugee (out Sept. 15). Composing the uplifting anthem, songs like John Lennon’s Picture and Marvin Gaye’s What’s Going On motivated the superstar, as he sings about cherishing life and overcoming challenges.    

    “The whole idea of this document is, between Earth and space, we’re actually on borrowed time,” Jean says. “So we have to appreciate each other,  maybe not hate each other. We must try and be progressive and move things forward, not backward.”  

    With this song, “I have to send a message to the entire world to say, ‘It’s OK to fall and it’s OK to have beat up and thrown down,’ ” he continues. “But the idea would be to get up, dust yourself off and keep running.”

    Like his past two Carnival records — his 1997 debut The Carnival and its 2007 followup. II: Memoirs of an Immigrant — Jean’s latest effort details victories and the stumbles of both immigrants. But the Haitian native doesn’t get explicitly political, choosing on Borrowed Time about his vision for a harmonious world to rap.  

    “Borrowed Time is a song where I’m talking to the government, but (also) America as a whole,” Jean says.   “If I was to target Donald Trump, I’d essentially be committing  Donald Trump attention and I think he gets enough attention. He sucks the air from the entire room daily on the news”