Paul McCartney Went Pirate For ‘Pirates Of The Caribbean’

SPOILER ALERT: This report Includes spoilers about Paul McCartney’s appearance  in Pirates of the Caribbean.

In the event that you don’t need to know particulars, bail now.

LOS ANGELES — Paul McCartney takes his pirate lifestyle .

But as supervisors Joachim Rønning and Espen Sandberg tell it,  McCartney, 74, nearly went overboard with the  Pirates look.

After the duo met McCartney for his very first costume fitting in a bungalow at the Beverly Hills Hotel, the musician emerged in pirate clothing and makeup.

“There he is. And he is unrecognizable. I got nervous, because nobody is going to see it in a manner. It felt like we’d gone too far,”  says Rønning. “It was still terrific. But he became too much a pirate. We had to tone it down a little bit and dig out his own capabilities. “

McCartney kept the wide-brimmed hat and the dreads to the shoot in Vancouver.      

And McCartney was enjoyed by the directors.

“We were pleased with that, it was part of recognizing him,” states  Rønning.

It was Depp’s idea to have McCartney drama Jack Sparrow’s uncle, also named Jack, who cheerily meets his nephew before Sparrow is to be put to death.

McCartney suggested singing the Beatles song Maggie Mae for the scene.

“It’s an old sailor Liverpool song. But it’s also a Beatles tune,” Rønning states. That song not just provided some Beatles magic in the movie, but also helped to point this out is Paul McCartney. Really.

“And we still meet people that don’t see that he’s in the film,”  says   Rønning.

“Even though he sings,” says Sandberg.